Day 23 Chicken, Alaska   Leave a comment

Sad to leave Dawson City and its wonderful hospitality. It’s hard to believe that people actually live up here in the winter.

Leaving Dawson City was an “adventure” in itself. We began to line up for the ferry crossing at 8 a.m.

Bill and I, being the tailgunners and last in line, did not get across the 20 min. ferry ride over the Yukon River until 2:40 pm.!!!!

Most of our group sat for hours and hours waiting while they loaded the ferry with “locals”, worktrucks, tour buses and small class c rvs. We were lucky to get one rv at a time on the ferry. A few times they took more than 1. Oh, and then they had a “safety check”, got the ferry stuck in the mud because they loaded a fuel tanker improperly….. THEN, they had to fuel the ferry and did a shift change!

Once we got “close” I jumped in the truck so I could load with our RV. They loaded our RV & our “twin”

One across, we had to prepare our tow vehicle for the “Top of the World Highway” gravel road.

It made for a VERY long day.

So now that we’re exhausted from “waiting” we begin our “adventure” of driving over the “Top of the World” highway. The beginning didn’t seem bad. It was a climb to get up to the top of the mountain.

If you can see a little white dot on the photo above, right, that is one of our guests climbing the mountain.

It wasn’t long before we hit gravel road

The road just kept going and going and going

110 miles of dirt and gravel with some patches of pavement.

The views were amazing!

There are remnants of snow still in some areas.

Drive the highway would be a lot better if it weren’t for the cars, buses, and trucks flying by….

Crossing the border into Alaska was an easy crossing, although they confiscated the firewood we were carrying for the caravan, which we knew we should not have brought, but our wagonmaster just about guaranteed that they would not ask if we had firewood…….

You just never know what questions they will ask. This was probably the first time they did not ask us how much liquor we had. This crossing was pretty unique as it is one building with US Customs on one side, and Canadian Customs on the opposite side. We understand that it used to be run by a husband and wife.



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