Day 35-37 Homer, Alaska   3 comments

The drive was full of beautiful TALL mountains with some spottings of glaciers.

One thing we saw different were the mud flats. We haven’t seen those since we were in New Brunswick, Canada.

The tide here changes about 6-8 feet and when it goes out, it exposes the silt which was basically brought by glacier.

The view of the Bay in Homer was very pretty. The fireweed is in full bloom and you can see the glaciers across the way.

Watching the moon rise over the mountains was like watching the sunrise.

As we drove around, we found a restaurant called the Blue Bus. People are so creative!

We made our way over the Anchor Point, which is the most western part of North American that you can “drive” to.

Mt. Iliamna, pictured above, right, across the water, is a 10,016 foot active volcano. The sign said it last erupted in 1953, but someone mentioned it erupted as recent as 2011. Ash covered as far as Anchorage. On a clear day, you can see from this viewpoint 5 active volcanoes, known as the “Ring of Fire.”

Drive back to the town of Homer, we took a ride up on the bluff and had a beautiful view of the Homer “Spit” and glaciers across the way.

There were some beautiful houses up there with a fantastic view. Some were for sale so does anyone want to relocate?


3 responses to “Day 35-37 Homer, Alaska

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  1. Stunning! I hope to visit Alaska one day

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