Day 38-41 Seward, Alaska   2 comments

Our drive to Seward was the BEST! I got a great photo of a moose grazing along side the road.

As I was taking one of the photos, someone’s head popped into view. It’s a good thing that moose wasn’t in a charging mood.

The views were spectacular

as was the view from our rv park.

While in Seward, we visited the Alaska Sealife Center where we learned about the sea life that we were going to experience the following day on the boat tour of Resurrection Bay.

And enjoyed an afternoon of shopping in a cute little town.

Exit Glacier, just outside of town, adds about one inch of sediment to the valley each year. That is enough gravel for building and construction in the Seward area!

Kenai Fjords glacier and wildlife cruise. What a wonderful day!

There was actually a military post above right during the war.

We saw eagles, seals, puffins, and humpback whales.

And, of course, a lot of glaciers.

The photo above, right is a glacier that has where icebergs broke off of it and are captive in Bear Lake.

Pictured below are trees that were damaged in the 1964 earthquake. All the land shifted and dropped down, the salt water came up and basically preserved the trees, so they are just standing there, dead…..

Kind of how I envisioned the petrified forest before I saw it……

Finally a free day and time to take a ride on the motorcycle! While some of the caravaners went salmon fishing, or exploring Seward, Bill and I took the bike to Whittier. It was a 190 mile round trip. Needless to say I was a bit sore when we got back. But it was worth it!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and a BEAUTIFUL ride.

To get to Whittier, you have to go through a 2 ½ mile one lane tunnel. This tunnel is used for cars AND trains. The motorcycles go after the cars and buses. We were told because most accidents are the cars hitting the motorcycles.

THANK YOU, we didn’t mind waiting. As we were going thru the tunnel, Bill could see a dim light coming from behind. When we got out of the tunnel & parked, we found that we had a train behind us!

Whittier is a small port town where the cruise ships and ferrys load and unload passengers from buses or the train.

There are glaciers all around. The one highrise building, we thought was a hotel, turned out to be the only apartments for the local workers.

So all of the locals have almost the same address and they all have a wonderful view.

Not too much to do here, but we did have a nice lunch with a great view.

There were glaciers on both sides of the mountain.

We found we had a 45 min. wait to leave back thru the tunnel. While waiting, we had a nice chat with a young woman who came to Whittier from Seattle 2 years ago.

She gave us quite an insight as to living in a small community.


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  1. I hope to one day be able to afford to travel as much as y’all do. Travel some now but not as far away as you do. The pictures are wonderful.

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