Day 44-46 Valdez, Alaska   Leave a comment

The drive from Palmer to Valdez had some Oh SH__T roads!

But a beautiful drive

And we saw a moose!

(it’s the little speck in the middle of the photo) Unfortunately Bill drives too fast for me to get good photos.

A few glaciers. Worthington Glacier is pictured below right.

Oh no!, and dirt road!

Over Thompson Pass, 2,678 ft. above sea level, an 8 mile descent, 8% grade.

The ship Kodiak from “The Deadliest Catch” was docked in Valdez.

While on the board tour, we saw sea lions

salmon boat


otters basking in the sun.


Meads Glacier

We stayed long enough the see the iceberg calf (break and fall off). Pictured below is a piece breaking off in the middle, bottom of the glacier (if you can see it in this small photo).

In the evening we went bear seeking, but first stopped at the fish hatchery, where we saw the salmon running.

They were so thick, that you could almost walk on them.

Since the salmon were running, we just KNEW that the bears must be around. A mama grizzly and her 4 cubs live in the area. As we drove over the bridge, THERE SHE WAS FISHING with one of her cubs.

It was easy to know that she was out there as we crossed the bridge.

Check out the cub catching his salmon.

Then there was the black bear back at the campground. He’s been hanging around trying to get into the garbage, so we were being real careful. The morning of our breakfast, he was sniffing around. As I was standing between 2 motorhomes, he came from under one of them. When I screamed, he took off towards Jackie. WATCH OUT JACKIE! (she’s standing by the picnic table)

I only got a quick video of him because I didn’t realize my camera was in video mode instead of picture mode.

Here he is, not far from our RV running into the wooded path back to his home.


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