Day 47-48 – Enroute to Tok and Destruction Bay   Leave a comment

The next few days are drive days to basically get to Skagway, Alaska.

The scenery, as usual, was beautiful.

This was one of the muddiest rivers we’ve seen.

As we topped over a mountain, we saw a car making a uturn in the middle of the 2 lane highway. We KNEW they saw something! Sure enough.


The road to Destruction Bay should have been called Destruction Highway.

The frost heaves really play havoc in this area.

So much for some of the people washing theirs rigs the day before.

After rocking and a rollin on that road, we FINALLY made it in to the campground. What a view!!!!

Loren, the owner, treated us to a wonderful dinner and a one man show. He was terrific! He sang, recited a poem of how he ended up in Destruction Bay, and told us stories about the area. The Kluane Lake across the street is a glacier fed lake. It froze 6 feet thick this past winter! The worst that they can remember. The ground gets so frozen in the winter that 7 months out of the year Loren does not have running water and his septic field is frozen. It averages -46 degrees. He “says” he’s not nuts, he just loves the mountains.


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