Day 49-52 Skagway, Alaska   Leave a comment

The drive around Kluane Lake was gorgeous.

As we drove around, we could see the difference in color which is where the glacier is feeding into the lake.

The original cabin of the man who first settled in Destruction Bay.

Emerald Lake was breathtaking and they were building a house on the hill overlooking the lake.

That’s what I call a million dollar view!

We then passed the smallest desert located in Carcross, B.C., Canada.

The fireweed is a wildflower that is kind of a predictor of the weather. Once the fireweed drops its pretty purple blooms, the winter weather will be rolling in. The blooms are dropping.,…….

Just before the U.S. Customs, it looked like we were on another planet.

It was so strange to see water ponds trapped in the rock.

The road into Skagway was something else! We descended from 3,292 feet down 11.5 miles at an 11% grade!!!

It was the first time on this trip that I could smell the brakes. IT WAS SCARY!

Our day trip over to Juneau was by water taxi.

We pulled into Juneau at low tide.

Juneau is the only capitol city in the United States that you cannot drive to. It is only accessible by water or air. There is a huge icefield that cuts off the land which they are “considering” building a road across. I don’t think that will happen in our lifetime.

While on the ferry over to Juneau, we saw plenty of wildlife, which included 3 humpback whales

Bald eagles

Harbor Seals.


Alaska’s first lighthouse

As well as 2 more lighthouses

We visited the Mendenhall Glacier, which we learned is receding 40 ft. per year.

The visitor center had photos of the glacier over the years.

1909 1912
1920 1932
1953 2013

The visitor center has tv monitors with a slide show of the glacier over the years. We were pleasantly surprised to see a photo from 2004 with Adventure Caravans prominently displayed!

On our return trip, we ran into some fog, which because really eerie.

Thank goodness for GPS.


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