Day 57-59 Prince George, British Columbia   3 comments

Bill and I have joined “RiVoliRallies,”

Version 2

come join us on a rally!

Sign up for Southern Louisiana 2018 now while there is still room:

Louisiana with Writeup

Submerged in the Bayou

Missed Savannah, GA, in 2018? Catch us in 2019:


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3 responses to “Day 57-59 Prince George, British Columbia

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  1. Carol–the poem was 100% Lee’s creation. I only suggested he add another syllable to one line for better meter. He gets all the credit. We loved the Caravan and hope to see every one again. How did we miss that game? When was it played? Rats! Vie

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  3. I didn’t want to leave you out since you did an edit. 🙂 The game was played at the Rocky Mountain campground. I think you were inside working on your blog. I think Lee was there. We were all sitting in a circle in the middle of that big grassy area. We’ll have to play it on our Great River Road trip.

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