Day 57-59 Prince George, British Columbia   3 comments

Leaving Stewart/Hyder, we crossed the bridge that was wiped out two years ago which left one of our caravans stranded in Stewart for an extra week. The bridge that got washed out was only a few years old, so it seems to be a common thing.

The waters flowing down from the glaciers are phenomenal. We noticed the new bridge was being built at a higher level, so maybe it won’t get washed out. We certainly hope for future caravan’s sake.

As we came around to Bear Glacier, I was able to get a photo of the pile of snow left at the bottom near the river.

One last look at Bear Glacier as we headed south.

Stopping for a night in Smithers, B.C., we continued on to the next and “final” stop – our destination – Prince George, B.C.

We’ve been very lucky that we had no major break downs on this trip. Primarily because of Bill’s expertise and preventative measures. That is, until today, our final drive day…..

We were alerted by Rig #5 that Jackie and Ernie were on the side of the road, about 7 miles out. Since they were the first guests to leave the park and 1 ½ hrs. had passed, we were alarmed. We rushed out to see what we could do only to find so many of our thoughtful, fellow caravaners pulled over lending assistance. In fact, we had a difficult time finding a place to park. Once the other guests felt comfortable now that Bill was there to save the day, they proceeded on to our last stop.

The wheel to their RV was already taken off when we arrived, so once Bill diagnosed that the wheel bearings burnt up, with assistance from a local business, and found a place to buy new parts. I think we were ALL shocked that the parts cost under $200!!

Bill had them back on the road within a couple of hours. I think Jackie and Ernie where truly impressed with Bill’s knowledge and skills. You can tell they felt comfortable with Bill doing the work. HAHA

The four of us made it to our final destination just in time for our wonderful farewell dinner. What a treat! The food was excellent, and the company was even better! It was fun reminiscing about our remarkable 59 day adventure to Alaska, listening to each and every one express what they found to be the most interesting. We all agreed it was difficult to single out any one thing.

I would like to share a few insights that were expressed at our farewell dinner. The first is where Paula and Earl expressed that there was a turning point very early on in our adventure, which they felt brought everyone closer together. It was a game, normally played with a ball, but we used a can to avoid having to chase it all over the place. It’s called Straight/Across. I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn’t (can you believe that?).

I would like to thank Ed and Shelba Burke, who we traveled with on our 2013 Civil War Adventure, for sharing the campfire games that they taught to their children. It certainly left a memorable impression on our 2013 Alaska Adventure group.

The other think I would like to share is a poem written, and shared at our farewell dinner, by Lee and Vie.

A Toast to Our Adventure Caravans Alaska 2013 Trip

Here’s to the land of the midnight sun,

A land of adventure for everyone,

Where salmon swim in waters cold,

Where miners search for hidden gold,

Where moose and bear and caribou roam,

Where whales swim in the ocean foam,

Where snowcapped mountains stretch so high,

Where eagle’s wings slice through the sky,

Where rivers of ice flow slowly down,

Where fireweed prepares its winter crown.

Our time together is nearly past,

Friendships and memories are all that last,

We traveled through summer and into fall,

A safe trip onward for one and all.

—Lee Herlocker

August 15, 2013

Lee and Vie, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to share your poem that expressed so clearly our 59 day Alaska Adventure. This was truly an adventure of a lifetime shared with many new life-long friends. We know we will see some of them down the road in the near future and hope that we can someday get together for a reunion to share our wonderful memories.


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  1. Carol–the poem was 100% Lee’s creation. I only suggested he add another syllable to one line for better meter. He gets all the credit. We loved the Caravan and hope to see every one again. How did we miss that game? When was it played? Rats! Vie

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  3. I didn’t want to leave you out since you did an edit. 🙂 The game was played at the Rocky Mountain campground. I think you were inside working on your blog. I think Lee was there. We were all sitting in a circle in the middle of that big grassy area. We’ll have to play it on our Great River Road trip.

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