Day 23-24 Lake Powell, AZ   1 comment

Lake Powell has to be one of the prettier campgrounds (I keep saying that about each and every one…). Our campground was located in Arizona, but Utah was not far away, needless to say, our cell phones were going crazy trying to figure out the correct time. This was our view from the campground.

I LOVE Lake Powell!

Before our boat tour, we ran over to the Glen Canyon Dam to check it out. In front of the visitor center was Dinosaur Tracks, HOW COOL WAS THAT! The imprints were made by a one ton, twenty foot long, meat-eating dinosaur, Dilophosaurus. The slab of sandstone came from a nearby side canyon.

The dam itself is 710 feet above bedrock, and 583 feet above the original river channel. Work began on the dam in 1957 and completed in 1963. It took over 3 years of straight continuous pouring of concrete to build the dam.

It took 17 years for the new lake to fill completely. The lake reached full pool level in 1980, 1983 and 1984. Glen Canyon Dam provides enough electricity in a year to supply 1 million homes. Lake Powell’s meandering shoreline is 1,960 miles and is longer than the entire US western coastline. 87 percent is desert, sandstone, and canyons.

Our Rainbow Bridge Monument boat tour was changed since the trail to the monument had a rock slide….. Instead we visited Navajo and Antelope Canyons. What a beautiful ride.

Since we didn’t get to Rainbow Bridge Monument, I’m including photos taken in 2009. Rainbow Bridge is the world’s largest natural bridge, arching 290 feet high and spanning 270 feet across. The top is 42 feet thick and 33 feet wide.

The rock formation change in color as the sunsets, just like in Bryce Canyon.

And of course, the sky at sunset here was absolutely gorgeous.

Lake Powell is so beautiful, I wish we could have stayed longer. Renting a houseboat on Lake Powell is still on my bucket list.

Next, several of us ventured over to hike inside Lower Antelope Canyon. Our guide, Franklin, is showing us where the entrance to the canyon lies.

YEP! It’s that crack in the ground! Good ole Dave is making sure everyone enters safely.

As we first entered, we had to go down a ladder.

As we walked and sometimes squeezed through

We could not believe the beauty throughout the canyon.

No one could even put into words how wonderful this tour is as the light shined through the cracks and the beautiful formations of the rock/sandstone.

Our guide is also one of the photographer guides and so he graciously took photos for us using our cameras. The photo below, he calls the California Moon.

Of course we stopped a “few” times for group photos.

We were lucky that there was no rain in the forecast as these canyons are prone to flash flooding.

Near the end, we had to climb down another long ladder. Next to the ladder were holes, which was used in years past instead of the ladder.

THEN, to get out of the canyon, we had to climb a few more ladders.

The photo below is looking back down into the canyon.

This is what the canyon looks like on top of the ground.

Group photo after climbing out of the canyon

This was the most amazing tour we’ve ever been on!


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  1. Extremely good pictures, and, the layout with descriptions is great – what app might this b?

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