Day 25-28 Williams, AZ   Leave a comment

Arriving in Williams, AZ, located on Route 66,

our group went to dinner at the “Branding Iron” commonly known as the Wild West Junction, owned and operated by John Moore, the town Mayor. John greeted our guests and was surprised to find out that one of our guest’s name is ALSO John Moore.

Small World!

We had the best meal and John had a local guitar player, Dave, entertain us for the entire evening.

He was great. A lot of old and new cowboy songs. Dave is a retired policeman from Southern California and now owns a horse rescue ranch in Williams. When he came to Williams, he knew nothing about horses.

Dave sang a special song for Bill and I since it was our 37th anniversary.

I liked Mayor John’s boots so much, he told me where to get a good pair and I ran over there and bought my first cowgirl boots.

I LOVE THEM! They are so comfortable!

The following morning, we were up early to catch the gunfight prior to our train departure for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

One of the horses kept us entertained by trying to find where his “partner” was hiding his treats.

He just wouldn’t leave him alone.

The other outlaw had a beautiful “paint” horse with 2 blue eyes!

After they shot the “bad guy” probably for the third time,

we loaded on to 2 dome cars to head north.

We passed the “Polar Express”

and we were entertained

Once we reached the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we were on our own to explore for about 3 hours. We headed to the “Red” line, went all the way to the end for a picnic lunch and made a few stops on the way back to the train depot.

I don’t remember how or when it started, but it seemed like every time Bill turned around, someone was teasing him about a snicker’s bar.

We were so thankful that all of the guests returned to the train depot in time.

Upon arriving at the station, we found that the guests in the “other” dome car had WAY more fun than we did!

Bearizona provided us with a special open bus tour of the park. Our driver fed the animals, who were mostly rescues, along the way.

The use “recyclables” to build things. Below is a photo of buses waiting to be sprayed with gunnite which will produce a wall.

Below is a photo of an old RV sprayed with gunnite and is used as a building.

My favorite is the bear in the tree below.

A closer up of the bear sleeping in the tree is pictured below.

Doesn’t he look “petable?”

They also had a walking zoo area with a lot of little critters.

Everyone enjoyed a free day and celebrated with a party.

Bingo was on the schedule, but due to the heavy wind, we postponed it.


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