Day 3 – Tallahassee, Florida   1 comment

Can’t do Florida without stopping at the State Capitol Building. We toured the “Old Capitol Building and Museum.”

In 1902, the Governor’s office was newly furnished and was the finest and most expensive in the Capitol.

Check out the unique “revolving” bookcase in the back corner.

In 1902, many “secretaries” were men. The Governor’s personal secretary’s duties included taking care of routine correspondence and requests as well as receiving visitors. Below is his office.

During the 19th century, 2 governors died in office. Governor John Milton was quoted as saying “death would be preferable to reunion” in the closing days of the Civil War. On April 1, 1865, he shot and killed himself. In 1874, Governor Ossian Hart died of pneumonia following a lengthy illness brought on by the physical stress of campaigning for office.

Two 20th century governors died while in office of a heart attack.

Bill and I decided to give it a try and act like “the Gov.”


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  1. Wish we were with you. Loved that trip.

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