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Last year we toured Savannah during the Civil War tour. This year our tour of Savannah was more for its beauty and culture.

Bill and I toured the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum. The Lighthouse was completed in 1736. Because of fire, it’s been replaced several times.

Upon climbing the 178 steps (rather quickly I might add since we were trying to catch up with some of the people in our group who had a head start), we found out just how out of shape we were. Across the street from the lighthouse complex was “the battery” (pictured below). It was used for gun placement during the War of 1812. Wow, oceanfront, that would have been a good “deployment.”

Prior to 1933 before the Lighthouse was converted to electricity, 3 light keepers were required to “man” the lighthouse. Each keeper had their own house. The head keepers cottage was built in 1881 (photo above right, building in the middle). Quite comfortable.

The Summer kitchen was built in 1812 (photo above right, little white building on the left), The 1st Assistant keepers collage was built in 1885 (photo above right, building to the left next to the summer kitchen). The 2nd Assistant Keepers collage was built in 1861 (photo above right, building on the right).

In the short film about the lighthouse, a woman was interviewed who grew up in the lightkeepers house. Her father and grandfather were keepers. She talked about how she and her 5 siblings would always run over to the lighthouse and sign in using movie star names hoping that their dad would not know it was them. Of course he did. HAHAHA

We toured Savannah by trolley. We saw 250 years right before our eyes. Homes and churches beautifully restored. It felt a lot like New Orleans. We visited all the squares. Below left is a “piece of the rock” from Stone Mountain which is in one of the squares.

We saw Chippewa Square, where Forest Gump was filmed sitting on a park bench eating a box of chocolates.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, built in 1873 is pictured below.

I was amazed at the workmanship on the stations of the cross.

The First Afro-American Church

The First Jewish Synagogue

The Capitol building with its gold dome

We had a wonderful lunch cruise on a riverboat.

What a beautiful city.


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