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We had the most glorious Sunday for a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains.

Starting out in the Smoky Mountain National Park at Sugarland Visitor Center and moving on to the Newfound Gap.

The Cherokees described these mountains as shaconage, meaning “blue, like smoke.”

They farmed the land and built log homes. They were eventually forced off their land, many of them taking the “Trail of Tears” to Oklahoma. Descendants of those “not” forcibly removed in the 1830s (the Eastern Band of Cherokee) live next to the national park on its reservation.

Alarmed at commercial logging threats to the forest, the states of North Carolina and Tennessee, private citizens and groups, and schools contributed money to purchase these lands and donated the land to the Federal Government with the stipulation that it be used as park land at no charge to the public. It is one of the few national park that does not charge admission.

The snow from last week still remained in some areas. What do you think Ron is going to do with that snowball below??????

We spent time for lunch, shopping, and sightseeing in Gatlinburg. What a cute town!

We enjoyed an incredible view of the Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg when we rode the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tram up to the ski resort and amusement park.

Before leaving town we stopped for a wine tasting and a moonshine tasting. We saw at least 3 or more moonshine tasting places in the town. In Gatlinburg, you don’t even need to go to a bar!

Before retiring for the evening, a group of us went up and made beautiful ceramic creations.

First you have to find that “perfect piece.”

It was amazing to see the before

And after

If you are as “creative” as Jim, you ask the owner to paint you a creation.

But Jim could not help himself, he watched his wife, Virginia create her masterpiece, put had to put the finishing touches on it.

How much do you want to bet that he’s going to tell everyone back home that he created it?

Now that everyone’s creations are done, all they have to do is fire them and they’ll be ready before we depart.

UP AND ADAM EARLY TODAY! Starting out with coffee and donuts and some line dancing to get us moving.

We had a beautiful day to ride the skywheel.

What a view of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Have you ever been to Dick’s Last Resort?

Well, now we can say we have…..

Next, we went to a live rock n’ roll theater for “Rock Around The Clock – 1950’s Rock N’ Roll.”

Music from the 1950’s, transporting us back in time when Elvis was King and life was simple. No computers, no cell phones; just GREAT music and good times – WITH the only dance floor in town!


The singers were fantastic.

Followed by our Chili cookoff. Each entry had many votes, so it was close, but we did manage to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. We had soooo much chili, cheese sandwiches and desserts.

Ending our day with B-I-N-G-O.

What a great day!


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