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Our first group met up with our second group at the North Sydney campground. We kick started it with a hamburger cookout and everyone brought side dishes to share.

After our feast, we played a game. We passed around 2 plates with 2 dice. Each person rolled the dice and upon rolling double 4, 5 or 6, they got the chance to try and open the box to see who won the prize inside.

BUT there’s more! You have to put on leather work gloves.

Each time someone rolled a double, it was their turn to rip off the gloves of the person currently wearing them and try their “hand” at opening the box.

What a hoot. I think everyone got into it and enjoyed it, and the winner is —

Lynn Vick

This year we toured the Cabot Trail with the entire group, 48 people. We visited the Village of Cheticamp and Celtic Lodge and Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Rusty Anchor

Stopped at Saint Pierre’s church,

Our guide gave us a great tour and a few of our guests demonstrated the acoustics by singing for us.

We stopped at Les Trois Pignos, an art museum with the most unusual hook rug pieces.

Marguerite Gallant, 1890-1983, was a native of Chéticamp with a profound love of collecting. As Marguerite’s reputation for collection spread through the community, people brought objects to her rather than let them be thrown away. Thanks to this incurable collector, many valuable artifacts from Chéticamp’s history have been preserved. Check out these photos of her house!

The museum holds the largest collection of pieces by Elizabeth LeFort, born in 1914.

Our tour guide is the 4th cousin to Elizabeth, how lucky are we?

Elizabeth LeFort learned to hook rugs at a very young age. Over the years, she made hundreds of tapestries in a large variety of subjects including pastoral scenes, birds, animals and floral motifs. She was so skillful at reproducing photographs that she began to create portraits in wool.

She’s done Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Pius XII, Jacqueline Kennedy, Prince Charles. Consequently, her art has graced Buckingham Palace, the White House, and Vatican City. Her tapestry of the “Last Supper” is displayed in Vatican City.

She offered to sell her tapestry of the Presidents to the United States Government, but they declined. They obviously didn’t understand what they were turning down, our loss, Canada’s gain. At the height of Elizabeth’s career, she could hook 55 loops each minute, 3,300 loops per hour.

Her largest creation was a rug for a house in Virginia many, many years ago, but Canada’s attempt to locate it has failed.

I never really thought much of hook rugs, but these are extremely beautiful. Every stitch is done with precision.

Stopped to pick up our order of snow crabs.

And arrived home early enough for our farewell/welcome dinner at the Black Spoon Bistro

It is always so hard to say goodbye to the guests who are not continuing on the entire trip, but it is fun to welcome the “newcomers.”


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