Day 31 Ferry Crossing   Leave a comment

What an exciting day! This particular ferry is just like a cruise ship. It was built in 2002 and was used for ferry crossings between Germany and Sweden prior to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.

Once we gave our final hugs and goodbyes to our new friends that only wanted to do the first half of the trip

We had our trip meeting for everyone going over on the ferry. Look how stressed they were

We hated to leave our beautiful campground, check out this view

But it was time to go, and we hoped these clouds were NOT heading our way.

We arrived at the dock early to get in line. It took each RV a few minutes to get through the ticket booth, so we were probably lined up out into the street.

Once through the ticket booth, we were assigned rows to line up in. So close that you had to watch when you put your steps out to get into your RV while waiting. We were told we would load at 4 p.m. and arrive in Newfoundland at 10 a.m.

Once we were given the “go ahead” sign, one by one we were assigned to drive into the upper deck or the lower deck. We were sent to the lower deck, where they park most of the RVs.

Pulling away from Nova Scotia was a beautiful sight. The once filled parking lot was almost empty. AND we could breathe normal again once all of our 18 RVs were onboard.

Once aboard and checking into our rooms

While waiting for dinner, we all sat around and relaxed.

We had a smooth ride, which took only about 16 hours. Beautiful sunset

Our first sighting of Newfoundland,

pronounced “New-fund-land” not “New-fund-lund.”

As we all raced off the ship

It was quite interesting to watch them load and unload the ship. They do it in just a little over an hour!

Our drive from the dock to St. John’s, our first stop in Newfoundland, was breath taking.

There seemed to be a lake or pond around every curve. No wonder they have so many moose, of which we haven’t seen one yet.

There is only one main highway on the island, so it’s a little difficult to get lost.

Arriving in our St. John’s campground, we had a social for the diehards who came out in the cold.


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