Day 50-53 Grand Codroy/Louisbourg   Leave a comment

Time to leave Newfoundland. Lined up once again.

Boarding the ferry was not as stressful as the first crossing since it was only a 5 hour ferry.

We didn’t have to worry about an overnight bag or loading the dogs in the kennel. It seemed that things were parked much tighter though. CHECK OUT HOW CLOSE!

It was loaded inside and out!

The Newfoundland scenery is just beautiful. It’s definitely a different lifestyle. I don’t think I saw a McDonalds! Lots of Tim Horton’s though.

Ahhhhhhhh. Finally got to relax on the Ferry headed to Nova Scotia.

About 3 p.m. we passed the North Sydney ferry heading to Newfoundland. We waived to our Adventure Caravan tour on the ship. Hope they saw us.

We also saw a pod of dolphins – what a treat.

Unloading the ferry was a real organized effort.

Touring the Louisbourg Fortress was interesting. Everyone in the fort was dressed and playing their part for the 1700s.

The Playhouse in Louisbourg was built by Disney for a movie at the fortress. Once they were done, they donated the building to Louisbourg, moved it into town and it is now a Playhouse. We went one night and listened to a local group.

What talent they have! And they even have a 3 legged man.


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