Day 54-55 Truro/Hopewell Cape   Leave a comment

Day 54 Truro

Truro was just a one night stop on our way to Hopewell Cape. It gave us time for one last potluck to get rid of all our leftovers in the freezer. Burgers, hot dogs, BBQ, bake beans and an ice cream social to top it off.

Marilyn and Mike “willed” hot lips to Gerry and Marilyn along with a new racing rock.

So OF COURSE we had to do some more rock racing.

Day 54-55 Hopewell Cape

The Bay of Fundy is my favorite place ever! Every time I see the mud banks, I think of the rafting trip we took and sliding in the mud. WHAT FUN!

Once we arrived in Hopewell, we ran out to see the Bay of Fundy while the tide was still going out. It was cool to see a kayak out there and people walking where the kayak once was.

This area is known as the “Flower Pots” as the rocks with trees on the top, look like giant flower pots. These huge masses of rock are as high as 100 feet above the beach, while others are only 60-70 feet height. The oldest rocks in the area surround the Bay of Fundy are about 750 million years old.

We arrived as a group for a 4:30 p.m. guided tour. Justin, our guide, was a wealth of information and VERY entertaining.

We saw a short time lapse clip of the tide going out.

The tide change averages about 30 feet! Imagine 100 billion tons of water moving in and out of a bay twice a day. The Bay of Fundy tide is among the highest in the world.

Then he talked about the migrating birds. These birds come in to feed off the mud shrimp (I’ll never slide in the mud again!) and then fly nonstop to South America. Can you imagine flying for that far and not stopping?

We then headed down the 99 steps to walk the ocean floor.

Below is the spectacular view of Hopewell’s mud flats, coastline, and the Bay of Fundy. The photos below were taken about 4 hours apart. The photos on the top were taken about 1:30 p.m. and the photos on the bottom were taken at 5:30 p.m.

The photos don’t show the true color of the red mud. It is amazing.

We decided to drive down to the little town of Alma for dinner, passing a covered bridge, and I grabbed a few shots of the boats at dock in low tide.


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