11 Day Goshen Mega Rally – Part 1   Leave a comment

There was a lot of hustle and bustle to set up and decorate for the Adventure Caravan Mega Rally, commonly known as the 10 pound tour.

This one was located in Goshen, Indiana, one of my favorite areas. It is the RV Manufacturer Capital of the World as well as home to a large Amish population.

We started out early with coffee and doughnuts. We start kicked it with the “doughnut man.”

Not just any doughnuts, but Amish doughnuts from the “Rise’ N Roll” Bakery. HMMMMM HMMMMM GOOD! Every day we featured 2 different flavors. The first day is set aside for registration, shopping in the AVC store, Canned Food Drive, book exchange, and sign ups for crafts and birds of a feather groups.

Before the actual rally begins, we have a “first-timer” orientation, where our newcomers have a chance to have their questions answered.

The rally begins with National Anthems and introductions from the owners and rally masters as well as local guest speakers.

The first order of business is the crowning of the Mega Rally King and Queen. It is quite an honor (and not sure how you get there, but it’s not easy) to be chosen. Bob and Jan Eldred were adorned with crown, robe, and staff

by Doug and Pat Stegall since Laura and Harvey, the past king and queen, were on the Rt. 66 Adventure Caravan trip.

All of the past kings and queens attending this rally were brought on stage.

As the king and queen, they are number 1. They have a reserved table at every meal and invite guests to join their table. Everyone vies to be at their table since they are the first table called to eat.

Our get acquainted dinner was a typical Das Dutchman Essenhaus Amish Family Feast, also known as a “threshers dinner,” a feast reminiscent of the hearty fare cooked for the men who worked the fields on threshing day by women who prepared it at wood-fired stoves and ovens. The dinners feature such delights as smoked ham, chicken, beef and noodles, sage dressing, homemade breads with churned butter, and a host of pie choices.

Following Dinner was the Rivoli Revue, which is always a lot of fun. They are popular recording artists, voted #1 Branson New Shows, who provide energetic foot stomping music, along with their amusing personalities that you will never forget. But first, we honor all of our Armed Services of this great Nation.

Day 2

Departing early on our first class coach, we arrived at the Shipshewana Auction, where some of our guests purchased treasures.

Our step-on guide took us on an Amish backroads tour where we visited Amish Casket & Coffin Shop

Teaberry Wood Products

Arriving at noon at The Carriage House for a home cooked thrasher meal.

Continuing on to the E & S Bulk Foods, I think everyone’s favorite.

Yoder’s Popcorn Shop

Guiggesburg Cheese Haus

The Amish Buggy Shop to see how the buggies are built.

We were surprised to learn of all the “extras” you can order on your buggy.

And ending our day at Bender’s Camel Dairy Farm

As we were leaving, the household pets bid us a farewell.

Day 3

Started the day with a line dancing lesson and then on to arts and craft workshops.

Today no one went away hungry as we had doughnuts in the morning, lunch, an ice cream social, ending with hors d’oeuvres

Travel briefs were provided to give an overall picture of some of the trips Adventure Caravan has to offer.

The evening was spent enjoying “Frank & Dean” who brought us back in time to Frank’s “Fly Me To The Moon” and Dino’s “That’s Amore.”


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