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It’s been almost 45 years since we graduated from Bladensburg High School.

Me, Vicki, and Sarah. Hard to believe it’s been almost 45 years! Vicki flew in from Utah so we got together to visit our old stomping grounds. I’ll start with the historical part.

A trip to Bladensburg, Maryland is not complete without a stop to the Bostwick house, commonly known to the locals of our time, the Cristofane house.

The Bostwick house was built in 1746 for Christopher Lowndes, a local shipyard owner. It is one of only four pre-Revolutionary War structures still standing in Bladensburg, MD. It was later the home of Benjamin Stoddert (a popular name in the Maryland area), America’s first Secretary of the Navy.

In the 1920s the Stephen family owned the property, along with 17 enslaved workers ranging in age from a newborn to a man of 75 years old.

In 1997, the Town of Bladensburg purchased the site from the Cristofane family. Damage was done to the chimneys in the earthquake of 2011 (earthquakes are unheard of in this area) and the restoration of that damage was completed in 2014.

Restoration is taking place as we peeked in the windows. Ssssshhhhhhh

We found a hot air balloon basket on the back porch. Not sure why that is there.

Anyone who has been down Rt. 1 will recognize the “George Washington” house.

Then, on to the house I grew up in, along with a brother and three sisters.

The only difference is, we planted the tree in the front yard, so it was MUCH smaller, there was not a driveway in the yard, as we played kickball (can you believe that!) and we did not have direct tv antennas.

Sarah’s house around the corner.

And Vickie’s house in Palmer Park. Vickie’s house was the one in the middle.

Our neighborhood has some humorous residences these days. Check out below.

Since Vickie grew up in Palmer Park, we can’t forget Sugar Ray Leonard’s Boxing gym, which was just around the corner.

Driving thru Radiant Valley, I spotted my first boyfriend’s home.

EHHHHH GADDDDDS! It sure looks different!

Before leaving the area, we had lunch as Peter Cannelle’s aka The Italian Inn.

What a great day of reminiscing. Such fond memories.


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