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Day 1-2

Pensacola, Florida

Bill and I arrived in Pensacola in time to meet up with Jim and Cherrill Roberts, our tailgunners for our 40 day Southern Exposure Adventure. Jim has already been busy inspecting guest rigs. Cherrill and I began meeting everyone and “giving gifts” which is what Adventure Caravans does for all guests on all trips. EVERYONE loves gifts!

We also found that McGuires Irish Pub, one of the top 10 restaurants in Florida, was right here in Pensacola. They have dollar bills hanging from the ceiling EVERYWHERE! They estimate there is $2 million just “hanging around.”

So we rounded up everyone in the campground (some of who had barely arrived and set up – they are such good sports!) and rushed down to for their lunch special, only to find out they ran out! No one warned us they could run out! LESSON LEARNED! But we still have a lot of fun.

We were told we had to use the restroom, SO of course we did – I was a little confused to say the least…..

We began our 40 day Southern Exposure Adventure with orientation and a wonderful BBQ dinner at the local “Grover T’s” Restaurant.

After everyone soaked up all the information we bombarded them with

Our first tour day started at the National Naval Aviation Museum with a guided tour to learn about the Naval Aviation history.

“Sky King” was a name I haven’t heard in ages. The plane pictured below left is a plane just like the one in the show. The plane pictured below right is an L-10 Electra, the model Amelia Earhart attempted to fly around the world in 1937, when it disappeared during a leg of the flight between Lae, New Guinea and Howland Island – one of history’s unsolved mysteries.

My favorite part of the whole museum was the Blue Angels. Bill and I are so lucky that we live near Annapolis, MD, and are able to see them fly for the Naval Academy graduation every year.

They are amazing.

Next stop was Patti’s Seafood to see their shipping center. Below left is an “ocean” shrimp boat that has been docked for quite a while since it has a fuel tank of 27,000 gallons for its long journeys out and it’s difficult to make a profit with today’s fuel prices. Below right is a “Gulf” shrimp boat, which is still in use.

The shrimp are usually flash frozen within 10 minutes after being caught, so the frozen shrimp that you buy is probably fresher than any “fresh” shrimp that you can purchase. I found out that shrimp can actually be frozen, thawed and refrozen 3 or 4 times over. We also got a lesson in how to cook them. Start them in cold water, bring them to a boil and as soon as it foams, it’s done!

You can find all kinds of fish and shellfish at Patti’s. Below is a box of cooked crayfish ready for shipping. I never realized how small they were.

Check out these lobsters!

Reminds me of all the lobsters we got on the Gaspe & Atlantic Province trip.


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