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Day 27-28

After leaving Titusville, one of our guests planned on leaving the tour since she lives in St. Augustine. But since St. Augustine was next on the list, most of us met at a local restaurant to have our last meal with Sandy.

The restaurant was located right on the beach and they reserved us seating upstairs so we could look out over the ocean. Life is rough.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the USA. Mission Nombre de Dios is where the first Spanish Catholic Mass was conducted in 1565 by Father Lopez, whose statue still marks the spot. President John F. Kennedy said that this site was the most sacred acre for Catholics in the United States.

The grounds are very beautiful gardens along the water. It’s so relaxing to walk around or sit and enjoy the view.

The oldest street, Aviles Street

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Construction began in 1672 by the Spanish when Florida was a Spanish territory. It was under the British from 1763 until 1784. In 1784 it went back to the Spanish when Spain reclaimed Florida. Florida was not given to the US until 1819.

We were lucky enough to be there for the canon shot.

The original entrance into St. Augustine

Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church was built in memory of Flagler’s daughter, who died shortly after childbirth and granddaughter who only lived a few days. He spared no expense. It commissioned it to be built and they built it within a year. Flagler, his daughter, granddaughter, and one of his wives are buried in the rotunda.

The old Flagler hotel, which is now a college.

The oldest wood school house in the USA

Flagler & Lightner Museum. It was once Flagler’s hotel. Below left was the lobby.

Flagler built the first hotel to bring in tourism. When a hotel was built across the street from his hotel, the furniture that was to arrive on the train, which was owned by Flagler, disappeared… It was not on the train! Hmmmmmmm so here was a hotel on opening day with no furniture. It didn’t take long before he sold to Flagler at pennies on the dollar.

Below, now a ballroom, was once an indoor swimming pool, complete with deep end.

It’s difficult to tell in the photo how the floor graduates to where the deep end once was. The tables are at the deep end. The photo below was taken when it was used as a swimming pool.

In the musical exhibit, we listened to the most unique “player piano-type” item. I cannot remember what it is called, but it plays like a player piano, but the music is made by a “book” which is placed inside. The music, if more like a “band” of sounds, chimes, horns, symbols, very much like you hear on the old carousels. What a treat!

Bill liked the grandfather clock which was hand carved wood.

And it still works! Look how tall it is.

The oldest house in the USA. You are no longer allowed to take photos inside. The photos below were taken a few years ago.

Fountain of Youth

The ranger explained that the water is very hard with Sulphur, but this particular day it was not bad. I remember the last time we were there, the water was definitely worse.

What a beautiful city. Look at this beautiful street, just outside of the Fountain of Youth.


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