Day 3-4 Tallahassee, Florida   1 comment

What was of particular interest was this ceramic bottle that was buried in the sea for many years. It is still sealed and has never been opened, so they don’t know what’s in it!

The Tin Can Camper, built on an original 1923 Ford Model Truck chassis. They were called the tin campers because they camped by night, eating store bought food along the way; food from metal cans.

We sure have come a long way!

After our day of touring, Bill and I, and Ted and Linda, jumped in the car and drove out to see “Bradley’s 1927 Country Store.” It stands today as it did in 1927, run by 3rd and 4th generation Bradleys.

They ship their product all over. Their trade, plain and simple, is selling the best, old fashioned, country smoked and fresh sausage. We had lunch on the front porch and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We ended our day with our trip meeting, social and “name” bingo. What a hoot watching everyone run around getting their cards signed.

We had many winners and excited for the next night of games.


Posted March 1, 2017 by carolnbill in Travel

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  1. How much fun to see the trip begin again! When will you be in the Ft. Myers area? We now have an RV lot near there that we are calling home! We’d love to see all y’all. Where are you staying when you are near there?

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