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Day 18-20

We decided to have a travel briefing and play our dice game once we arrived at the campground.

What fun! Watching the guests trying to “politely” take their turn at ripping into the box.

The following day was a first class motor coach tour of the yacht capitol of the world.

The city of Miami also has an interesting architectural style. Check out the Burger King below.

The old Pan Am building is now the city hall.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was gorgeous.

James Deering, a millionaire, began to plan his house on Biscayne Bay in 1912. He was only able to enjoy several winters there as he died in Sept. 1925. Who was James Deering? In 1902, in a deal brokered by J.P. Morgan, the Deering Harvester Company merged with the McCormick Reaper Company and others to form International Harvester, the largest producer of agricultural machinery in the nation.

The gardens were beautiful. It’s impressive that a bachelor did all of this.

And the view of the Bay was magnificent.

Our lunch stop was at Bayside Marketplace, which is a beautiful mall on the water, with a HUGE banyan tree.

Continuing our bus tour after lunch, we were all in awe of this beautifully tree lined street.

The owner of this house with a coral yard; no grass to cut.

And look at this beautiful house MADE of coral.

We made our way to Little Havana and stopped at Domino Park, which we found pack with players and observers.

There is also a very good fruity ice cream parlor next to the cigar store.

Before leaving Miami, we stepped off the bus to experience the beautiful white sand in South Beach.

We were pleasantly surprised and impressed with Miami. It is not at all what we expected. Until we made our way home in the rush hour traffic….

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale is exciting. Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Our last day in the Ft. Lauderdale area, we took a narrated boat cruise and saw the homes of PetSmart and Sunglass Hut, Johnnie Weissmuller.

Below are some of the mansions we saw.

Below left was Al Capone’s house. He used the one in the back and his security used the one in the front. The house on the right can be rented, which they do for models and photography shoots.

I think everyone was drooling as we passed each house, or should I say mansion?

The Jungle Queen Cruise not only showed us beautiful homes, but also provided a wonderful BBQ dinner

and show, starting out with a juggler, magician, storyteller, and dancers.

The audience participation was pretty cute.

What sports they were!

Ending our evening with a fire thrower.

Next stop, Disney, here we come!


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