Day 8 Rivoli Rallies Submerged in the Bayou 2018   Leave a comment

Day 8

FINALLY, a lazy day in camp. Lazy, haha, not so fast. Rivoli Rallies has a full day planned. Beginning with a light breakfast.

Time for some prizes.

We invited Skymed to visit with us and explain their services. Did you know you are not only covered when you are traveling, but you are also covered at home! Wow, who knew? Skymed is the bomb! ESPECIALLY since they treated us to an ice cream social.

Please check out their services and tell them we sent you. Even better, attend one of our rallies for a great Skymed discount.

Light lunch today, or should I say “lighter” lunch?

Why? Well, because we are having dance lessons.

Crazy fun Cajun dance lessons to get us ready for tonight’s entertainment.

Our catered dinner was scrumptious. NO WAIT! This was just the appetizers!

Saving room for dinner (pasta alfredo with grilled chicken, pasta Carbonara with homemade sausage, or vegetable lasagna) was a challenge.

Served by the Liberty Ladies.

Entertainment tonight was by T’Monde. Those dance lessons paid off.

Until Rivoli Rallies did it again….taking over. What’s this the “bump”?

Hee Haw?

Or getting down and dirty.

Ending with the Rivoli Rallies Train.

But, WAIT, there’s more.


What a fun day!


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